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Chaplain's Corner

Ch Maj Rochelle D. Coles - Squadron Chaplain

Welcome to the Chaplain Corner of the Jack Schweiker Composite Squadron NJ-059, New Jersey Wing, Civil Air Patrol.  

My name is Chaplain (Major) Rochelle Coles, I became the primary Chaplain of the Jack Schweiker Composite Squadron in July 2020. I have been a member of the Civil Air Patrol since I joined as a Chaplain in 2018. Over the last 2 years, I have had the pleasure of supporting CAP as a Chaplain to several units in South Jersey, even if just visiting. I have also trained to complete several CAP courses, to include one Chaplain Corp Region Staff College and am serving as a Mission Chaplain (Trainee). As a retired United States Air Force Chaplain (Capt) I have had the pleasure to serve our great country and support my fellow Airman around the world, and now I am looking forward to what comes next in CAP.

As the Squadron Chaplain, I serve as a member of the Commander's staff, and as such is the advisor to the Commander and his staff on matters of religion, morals, and the well-being of personnel under his command. I support the entire Squadron Chaplain Corp to include all Chaplains assigned to the unit and Character Development Instructors. We can also be called upon for the following support:

  • Providing pastoral care of senior and cadet members, including counseling, visitation, encouragement, and other special assistance as the chaplain may be able to provide.

  • Performing professional functions as necessary, for example, religious services, liturgies, pastoral counseling, etc.

  • Conducting character development programs, "Values for Living".

  • Participating as chaplains in cadet summer encampments and other cadet activities.

  • Participating in Emergency Services missions and exercises by providing a chaplain presence and resource for members participating in the mission/exercise and those on the scene who may be in distress.

  • Participating in ecclesiastical public relations activities.

As the Squadron Chaplain, my priority is to continue the strong legacy our squadron has had in the past, and will keep our Squadron on a path of growth and continued success. 

I encourage you to visit our meetings, find out what we're about and see if it's a good fit for your aspirations to be more and do more!


Ch Maj Rochelle Coles, CAP

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